Sunday, 10 February 2013

Weeks 7 & 8: Cambridge Teachings and London Preachings

This is Jenny, taking over for Taryn...
These past two weeks have been nothing short of a whirlwind for our outreach team. We left Delhi at 6:00am on 25 January and arrived in London at 10:00am on the same day (jet lag took on a whole new meaning as we relived several hours!). We returned to Harpenden to retrieve our warmer clothing and received a most wonderful blessing-Team Thailand/Belfast was there as well! The tears and the smiles ran freely, and the hugs became even tighter as our team left again only an hour later. Cambridge was calling (as were our taxi drivers)!

As soon as we arrived to the house where we were staying in Cambridge, we were whisked into the weekly prayer meeting where lunch was waiting to fill out empty stomachs and prayers to fill our spiritual tanks. We could not have asked for a better reception or blessing.

During our first week in the city of scholars, we spent a significant amount of time at one of the colleges evangelizing and promoting a student ministry event aptly titled, "The Secret of Success". We went around speaking to several students about what their idea of success was and how religious beliefs factored into their answers. The responses were as varied as the students, and it was an encouragement to our team to see a few of the men and women we spoke with attend the meeting.

Our group also spent quite a bit of time in evangelizing on the streets of Cambridge. Youth With A Mission-Cambridge (YWAM) is going to be pioneering their first Discipleship Training School (DTS) in September, and Peter and Taryn will be joining them as staff members. Our team used that information as a platform for discussion with people on the streets and as an opportunity to share the gospel with them.

Although it didn't seem possible, our second week in Cambridge was even busier than the first. Another YWAM team was attending training on the Holy Spirit, and we were able to connect with them for an amazing street evangelism opportunity. Yes, friends, we brought Scottish Ceilidh dancing to the city square! There was lively dancing, heart-stirring testimonies, and the simple gospel being shared with anyone walking by. Everywhere you looked the team was being photographed and videotaped, and we were certainly stopping traffic! Bystanders joined in with the dancing, and we danced until our hands and feet were too numb to continue!

Our team also had the opportunity to listen to a lunchtime lecture series with topics such as meaning, religion, truth, evil, and purpose. The series was thought-provoking and encouraged people to have serious discussions amongst themselves.

We also persisted in our team's pattern of attending anniversary parties and wedding feasts that began in India-we took the train to a wedding in London. We all had our specific roles: Peter preached a fiery sermon, Taryn sang Mumford and Sons' "Sigh No More" as the bride walked down the aisle, Danielle perfected the art of cheese slicing and arranging, Mandi and Bethany artfully displayed salads of every kind, Jan-Jaap and Adam painstakingly heated the cider and mulled-wine, and Jenny and Benjamin ran up and down several flights of stairs with large vats of soup that all needed to be heated! It was an exhausting, fun-filled day in which we were able to bless a lovely couple.

 We have one week left in Cambridge. What is God going to do next?!

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